I Am Not Worthy

Apparently, March is World Creative Writing Month, so it’s perhaps ironic that this month’s VRWG blog is being written by someone who hasn’t done any creative writing for ages. Someone who turns up for Writers’ Group Committee meetings and cites ‘Creative Writing’ as one of his skills on LinkedIn (although no one’s endorsed me for it yet) but doesn’t actually do any creative writing. In short – a fraud.

Perhaps that’s why my other skills include ‘confusing people’ and ‘not taking LinkedIn seriously’.

I don’t know who decided it was World Creative Writing Month. Was there a global committee? Did Cameron and Putin and Kim Jong Un come together and forget their differences to decide that March 2015 would be World Creative Writing Month? What happens if you don’t join in? Is there some kind of punishment? A taser? Hanging? Dance lessons from Anne Widdecombe? What about people who haven’t heard of World Creative Writing Month? I read about it in the Times Educational Supplement but not everyone reads it. What about the starving kids in Africa? Do they know it’s World Creative Writing Month at all?

I think we need to re-release the Band Aid single.

Anyway, I don’t know who decided on such an event but I’m glad they did. I know I shouldn’t need a stimulus like that but it appears that, at the moment, I do.

I don’t think I particularly suffer from the ‘blank page syndrome’ type of writer’s block. Normally, if I decide to write, I can just write. Nonsense, but words. But I do suffer from long periods of inactivity. And normally ‘work’ is the best excuse for not doing stuff I like but that’s just rubbish really. I can still find time to watch The Great British Sewing Bee or go on Facebook or bitch about how work is taking up too much of my time.

Last night’s meeting was inspiring. We were graced with the presence of author Jan Needle – author of over 40 novels, writer for Brookside and (importantly) Count Duckula. It’s the second time he’s visited and spoken to the group and he just makes you feel like writing is fun and easy and life is fun and easy. And even though neither of those things are necessarily true, he seems to approach them with such joy and enthusiasm and it’s infectious. I could have listened to him for hours. Then I would have had another excuse for not doing any writing.

So I am determined – and you should be too, for fear of a good tasering – this month I am going to pick up my pencil and note pad or my laptop or my iPad and I’m going to write. And I’m going to enjoy it. And I’m going to do it because it will make me feel better about myself, it will make my life more fulfilling and it will help my soul grow.


Mark Acton