Soul Food

Images appear as words ring in the ears of the listener!

A picture prompt for a writing exercise set the scene for creative juices to flow to enrich the flavour of the forthcoming delights at the March meeting.

Pleasingly proven within the organic ingredients of a poem invoking and nurturing memories, reeling me in to savour the Irish soda bread!

Replenished I was tempted into an early taster hors d’oeuvre, as a chapter of a novel began opening a window on a journey of ancestral discovery and truth!

Refreshed I travelled ahead light years in time, to experience the ruminations of the early colonisation of a new planet, the killing of the ‘shell cows’ inviting discussion and food for thought!

Back down to earth to unwind I found myself soothed by the gentle rhythm of seduction, a pleasant interlude with two young teenagers exploring friendship and tasting their first kiss of sweet love!

Imagery complete and my senses satiated, this was indeed food for a writer’s soul!

Christine Edwards March 2021