VRWG Life of a Writer Series (#05) Les Green

Name: Les Green

What genre/s do you write in?

Poetry, humour, flash fiction, puns, limericks, music … I don’t think I have a specific genre, I just tend to noodle based on what pops into my head

Have you had any work published? If so, what and where?

Not unless you count those fabulous anthologies produced by our very own VRWG. Or the blog. I seem to be writing more for the VRWG blog than to satisfy any personal writing urges I may have

Do you have a preferred place in which to write?

No. I don’t usually sit down to write like the serious writers do. If I get the mood to write, it’s done wherever I am at that time. Sometimes it remains in my head and never makes it to paper and I’m okay with that. At the suggestion of a number of people through the years I started carrying a little notebook around with me, but on reading it back some weeks after starting it I discovered it was full of impromptu shopping lists and phone numbers with no names next to them so I don’t do that any more

Let’s talk about your muse. What/who inspires you to write?

A common trigger is boredom. If I’m bored and there isn’t a guitar to hand or an unfinished book to read, then I may compose something in my head. A challenge will also get me going, which is probably why the exercise before group meetings usually works out for me. But sometimes all I need is the challenge to get a cheap laugh (the cheaper the better!) And sometimes I just sit down with an empty mind and some blank paper, then just open the tap until I get the urge to do something else (hello Netflix).  I wrote in one of the blogs that I usually run out of discipline before I run out of anything else, and that’s a remarkably accurate way of describing it.

Tell us about your writing ambitions.

I don’t have any ambition to be a writer, which is just as well because I don’t have the discipline for it either. The longest thing I’ve ever written is only 16 pages long. I enjoy making people laugh though so as long I can continue to do that then I’m happy. To write 17 pages would be ambitious for me

Who are your favourite writers?

There’s been so many over the years. My mum was/is a great fan of horror so I did a lot of Dennis Wheatley type of stuff as a teen, and short story collections about ghosts and vampires etc. And my dad liked westerns and crime so I discovered Elmore Leonard (I love his dialogue and scene setting) and Louis L’Amour. The craziness of Spike Milligan’s war diaries left an impression in my youth too. So many though; Charles Dickens, George Pelecanos, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett. I also admire the blockbuster specialists that people can get a bit snobby about, like Dan Brown, or the rip-snorting page turners by the likes of Andy McNab. I don’t often see that kind of breathless pace in other books. It’s a real skill. But I also read non-fiction too when the mood takes – mainly from the branches of physics … I keep returning to cosmology and quantum mechanics, but I don’t have the kind of memory that can retain complex information so it tends to leak out of my ears, which means I tend to re-read stuff in the hope it’ll stick.

What’s your ideal writer’s life? Go on, let your imagination run wild!

To illustrate my lack of writing ambition (and for comedic effect) I was tempted to leave this bit blank. My ideal writing situation is pretty much what it is now. I write when I feel like it without putting pressure on myself to write a certain number of pages, or for a certain number of hours. I don’t even have a story I’m urged to tell. Plus, I only have to please myself, and I don’t imagine I’ll ever need to present anything to a publisher. My writing life is good and healthy, and exactly like it should be, thanks for asking

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