VRWG Life of a Writer Series (#04) Tom Ireland

Name: Tom Ireland
What genres do you write in?
Poetry, short stories, travel fiction
Have you ever had any work published? If so, what and where?
Ten novels published on Kindle as eBooks and paperbacks. Short stories and poems in VRWG publications
Do you have a preferred place in which to write?
Gladstone’s, Theology room, second desk on the right at the top of the spiral stairs
Let’s talk about your muse. What/who inspires you to write?
Cake, preferably rich fruit with marzipan, and biscuits. Any biscuits. Coffee, double espresso
Tell us about your writing ambitions
Started the Malinding series as a short story which became an opening chapter which became a trilogy …  the idea was that sale of the books would finance GOES, a micro-charity which sponsors education for girls, and medical care.

Pulitzer prize would be good. Maybe sell a few more books? Generally sell one book a month.  Perhaps finish this pesky ghost story …

Who are your favourite writers?
Ransome, Conrad, Shakespeare, Thomas
What’s your ideal writer’s life? Go on, let your imagination run wild!
A small house in the Gambian village which is the basis of Malinding, not too far from the river, near our friends’ compound. Views of the market place and the river
Outside of writing, is there something else we should know about you?
An archbishop of Canterbury once held a door open for me


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