VRWG Life of a Writer series (#03) Debbie Mitchell

Name: Debbie Mitchell (writing as Deborah K Mitchell)
What genres do you write in?
Mainly paranormal/horror, although I have a crime novel as a work in progress, which may see the light of day at some point.
Have you ever had any work published? If so, what and where?
I have three novels, the Rose Tattoo trilogy, self-published on Amazon and other platforms, as well as Mortem – a short-story collection. I also have various bits and pieces included in Vale Royal Writers Group’s own anthologies. Oh, and I had a poem published in the Liverpool Echo when I was nine.

Do you have a preferred place in which to write?
I love Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, and coffee shops.
Let’s talk about your muse. What/who inspires you to write?
I’ve had the writing bug since I was a child. My maternal grandad was a self-taught reader and writer, and he had ambitions to write a book which were, sadly, never realized. My mum also dabbled in writing, so perhaps the baton was just passed on to me through my DNA. I’m inspired to write by the world around me. I’m a journalist by trade, and there are so many real-life stories I come across that generate great ideas for works of fiction. Or, I’ve had ideas for stories that come from overheard snippets of conversation, or dreams, or even just a glimpse of a scene I’ve passed in my car. The muse can strike anywhere at any time from any source!
Tell us about your writing ambitions
My aim is to build a healthy catalogue of work and gain some traction in the world of indie publishing, so that I eventually make a decent living from it.
Who are your favourite writers?
John Connolly for the cool and clever way he combines horror with crime. Susan Hill for her wonderful ghost stories. Laurie Lee for his gorgeous descriptions of time and place. Also, Joanne Harris, Adam Nevill, Charles Dickens and George Orwell.
What’s your ideal writer’s life? Go on, let your imagination run wild!
I would rise willingly with the sun and take the dogs for a walk on the beach that my house overlooks, before returning for a morning of writing at a large desk positioned by a window facing the sea. I’d take a break for lunch, and stroll into the nearby town to my favourite café where the bohemians hang out. In the afternoon, I would Skype the Hollywood producers who’ve commissioned one of my books to make into a film, or converse with the commissioning editor at the BBC who’s interested in adapting my screenplay. There would be a bit more writing and admin work, before finishing for the day. In the evening, I would open my door to my writer/artist friends for a night of wine, food and conversation around a big, old oak table in my kitchen.

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