VRWG Life of a Writer series (#02) Debbie Bennett

Name: Debbie Bennett
What genres do you write in?
Fantasy/sf/horror as Debbie Bennett, plus crime & thrillers as DJ Bennett. Why two names? They’re different markets with different readers – but enough similarity to cross-pollinate for the right readers.
Have you ever had any work published? If so, what and where?
I’ve been selling short fiction for over 20 years to women’s magazines and anthologies and I’ve won and been placed in many competitions. I’ve also got 7 novels in print and I’ve recently started dabbling in script-writing with a commission for a Dr Who spin-off set of short films which were released on DVD in 2017. I’m also script-writing for a local community radio play project – think The Archers but darker …
Do you have a preferred place in which to write?
My study in my old house! Sadly, we sold up, cleared the mortgage and downsized nearly 18 months ago and now I have a corner of the dining room, which isn’t ideal. My request to Santa this year is for a good quality set of of noise-reducing headphones, though I doubt they will completely drown out whatever rubbish my husband is watching on tv.
Let’s talk about your muse. What/who inspires you to write?
I’ve always written. Since the age of about 9 when I was reading Brave New World and then moved straight into Heinlein and Wyndham. They didn’t have YA books when I was a teenager, so I haunted my local library and devoured all those plain yellow-covered Robert Hale science-fiction hardbacks. And tried to write like them too. My early efforts were unreadable but I still have them somewhere.
Tell us about your writing ambitions
It’s all about the money! Nah – money would be nice – I’d be able to give up the day job, but really it’s all about validation, isn’t it? I was lucky enough to have a good agent way back in the when, which at least gave me the self-confidence to continue writing, but I’d like to know that people like what I do. I’d like to get more into script-writing too – or at least get my work onto the screen. Recent films The Ritual and The Silence come from novels written by people I know from the convention circuit; so many others have novels under option or even in production, and I love fellowing their stories on Facebook and wishing it was me …
Who are your favourite writers?
Ooh that’s a hard one. I was inspired by fantasy writers like Susan Cooper (The Dark is Rising is simply awesome), Louise Cooper’s Time Master trilogy and pretty much anything Storm Constantine has ever written. I’ve met and shared much alcohol with Louise and Storm and admire them both hugely.

Books I buy in a heartbeat as soon as they are up on pre-order on Amazon? Matthew Reilly for one. Lad-lit – guns, fast cars, silly plots, implausible chases, bigger guns. His books are littered with exclamation marks, badly-constructed sentences and unrealistic ideas – but that man can write. He can have you on the edge of the seat, wondering what’s going to happen next, and he has the ability to sketch a character in a few lines. I’d read his laundry lists, I really would.

What’s your ideal writer’s life? Go on, let your imagination run wild!
Much as it is now, but without the day job. If I had enough money not to worry about the return on investment in our current house, I’d put an extension on the back with a quiet study for me – but otherwise, why change what isn’t broken? Apart from maybe the chance to attend my own film premiere!
Outside of writing, is there something else we should know about you?
My claim to fame is I once asked Stephen King to dance. And yes – I do mean the Stephen King, at a private and very exclusive London party to which I had a personal invitation! But otherwise I’m pretty boring. Married, one adult child and a penchant for a bottle of wine and the local pub quiz every Thursday evening.

You can find out more at http://www.debbiebennett.co.uk


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