A Colourful Meeting

Colour me beautiful if you dare! We are the writers who love to write stories and poetry for all to read and share. I kissed your Cherry Red lips, they tasted divine, breathed in the scent of White musk perfume, you at last, are all mine!! A Rosy Red blush tinged your face as I kissed your lips once more, little do you know that in a short while Blood Red will drip onto the floor as you take your last gasp straight from Bob Barkers novel!!  After this I will feel so Blue as I simply won’t know what to do and how to keep the colour in this blog from disappearing down into the Brown Muddy swollen river rushing past me as I stand and stare green with envy on the side of the bank at everyone else not writing a blog at all, or even thinking about how to go about it, but sitting relaxed and bathed in warm Yellow Sunshine and having picnics instead! How happy the children and families are today as the sparkling sunlight casts its happy rays all around. I am reminded of a song “the sun has got its hat on hip hip hooray!” A cloudless Summer Blue sky gazes down on the tranquil Turquoise Blue sea as Orange embers burn radiantly on the Beach BBQ and burgers are browning nicely as the pure chilled White wine is poured.  There is a stillness as a Red Hot day turns to dusk the sky is alight with Crimson, then Pillar Box Red, Blood Orange fights for a place with soft Dusky Pink  which turns into a magnificent deep Fuchsia tinged sky before waving a final goodbye to the day and hello to the Inky Blue night! Sweet dreams to all, watch out for the figures in ghostly White as they tiptoe into your dreams, make sure you keep your eyes shut tight! This is the end of my little blog for all of the writers in VRWG who just love to write!! I hope you liked my first ever blog full of colour thanks to David who gave us an amazing exercise about using colour, assigning idioms to and giving us thought provoking inspiration to use in our writing work  on the first day of August at the very enjoyable VRWG meeting night!!  Linda Leigh.


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