VRWG Blog – ‘Hot Seat’!

Arriving at the June VRWG writer’s group meeting, having not been present for a while, I’m greeted by smiling faces, I’m immediately at ease, how lovely, such a friendly group, I look for a vacant chair.  Seats are available in the middle of the top table and several on the side tables, as Bob and Marion usually occupy the middle seats I take a seat at the side. Enquiring of their whereabouts, I am informed they will not be attending the meeting and that there is uncertainty as to who is chairperson for tonight’s meeting. A suggestion formulates within the group that whosoever occupies the middle seats will chair and minute the meeting.  Other members arrive, offers of the seats are made, but as the significance of the seats are made known, reticence and fear appear on faces and excuses roll off tongues and the two chairs remain empty until they are the only vacant chairs left.

Meeting start time arrives and Steph and Mark walk into the room, unaware of their significance Steph sits in one chair and Mark sits in the other remaining empty chair.  Everyone smiles and Mark is informed he has just sat in the ‘hot seat’ … the chairperson’s chair!  As he was last to arrive by default he has been nominated to chair the meeting…”We know you will do a good job is chorused by everyone!” a little flattery always helps – and Mark being the genuine sound person he is, says “Thanks guys!”

So with Steph at his side as minute taker they save the day or meeting should I say! In the words of the late David Bowie they become “Heroes just for one day”! Mark puts an impromptu Agenda together in his head and becomes ‘Bob’ emulating his style and mannerisms with the added spice of a touch of Mark and Steph replicates Marion’s’ efficiency with her own dash of Steph style.

New and returning members were welcomed to the meeting and homework writings – themed ‘Explore, Experiment, Observe’ were read. Tom emerging with a masterpiece of poetry after 5 years in a poetic wilderness – not referring to your garden Tom I hasten to add, though garden shed may have been the venue for his writing, proving his time had been well spent!

An interesting writing exercise with the title ‘Blue Dot’ had everyone drawing deep into their creative well with amazing ingenuity and variety emerging among the pieces that were read.

Member’s news and forthcoming events were discussed and after a brief drinks break, there were excellent readings of poetry and prose from Liz, Linda, Christine, Peter and Tom. How time flies when having fun and soon the meeting is over.

I’m now looking forward to the next one in July and to utilising the inspirational energy and ideas that are released when creative minds come together!

By Christine Edwards          10th June 2016


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