rvwg meeting February

  • We’ll see how this goes; i believe in the indeterminancy approach to writing-
  • Apologies i don’t know the ladies name- read out a 100 about, flash fiction about two lovers in a garden and ending with the male lover burying her/a flower as she had rejected him
  • Group business was short and Bill and Tonia have full placement for there funded workshops with one person on wating list- well done
  • Bob who again expertly chaired and said he’d already sold 85 copies of his kindle book, which is a very healthy number
  • Then there was a hush and the first cords of  Rolling Stones- Midnight Rambler- we sat in etiquette pose. Then alternate people stood up then sat down.”And you won’t go out until the light of morning”-G then Eminor. Then the other people stood up and sat down. Then a phone rang, three people got up to answer it then it stopped. Alternate people sat with hands on legs the others with hands on table. The last strains of the song ended
  • A gentleman informed us “he was getting there” which is better than anyone else
  • There where two new people (sorry i’m terrible with names)one writer who even as an English teacher professes writing is not that easy. And someone who works in law and already has an accomplished writing CV. Hope they come back
  • A lady read out an excellent prose piece about a girls premonitions in which the threads came together in a horrible car crash
  • Another lady read out a prose piece on a visit to Amsterdam and interest in the residents. And an excellent poem on her daughter contrasting it with a reading from Yeats- A prayer for my daughter
  • Les read out an interesting and original short prose piece about drinking coffee? at work from a statistical point of view. Which was very good. And he says is one of many
  • Marion read out a bleak Dickensian piece in response to the exercise on a childhood bedroom  set by Jan
  • Subs where handed over to Bill and i looked furtive and tried to make my escape without paying
  • The standard of work was high in the convivial settings of the Blue cap Sandiway. And the high numbers of attendees must testify to something. Apologies to items, readings, news i’ve missed out

posted by Nick Monks on 3/2/16