The Pen Pushers Party

We believe in the pen pushers party, as a good time can be had with the mighty pen as a sword!!

Our manifesto and policies will include the following:-

All people resident in the UK must write poetry or prose for 10 minutes each morning and 10 minutes each evening. The written work will be submitted to the Inspector of Written Words monthly. Collation and publication will be free for all residents, thus ensuring equality and diversity laws are adhered to!!

All writing materials and implements for writing shall cost no more than £1 minimum and £5 maximum, free for all children up to the age of 18 and people over 60. Standardisation in quality will be enforced and no more chewed pencils allowed!!

There will be a new Bank Holiday for all writers of the Realm called a “Pen Day”

A new solid gold medal will be awarded for the best written work which will be judged and decided by the VRWG who are so famous and well known for their excellence. The medal winner will journey to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen with an overnight stay in her palace and shall receive free transport and inclusive meals and drinks to be able to attend the event, accompanied by friends of own choice, this will be known as the “Pen Party” all expenses paid do!!

Linda Leigh attempt at launching a new exciting Party for the future written on Monday 30th March 2015 and being typed whilst watching the leaders debate on Friday 2nd April, 2015!!


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