November Blog

During the meeting I asked the question of Bob ‘What is a blog?’ I don’t recall his answer but somehow here I am doing this month’s ‘blog’.  I’m out of my comfort zone, in new territory and waffling on as a virgin blogger – when does writer’s block kick in to save the day!  Well not before I’ve mentioned this Monday I was at the VRWG November meeting, as always well attended by inspiring fellow writers. Marion stepped in to chair in Bob’s (Chairman) absence.  Bob arrived later mentioning something about tights, Robin Hood and pantomime rehearsals – I’m sure all will be revealed in the coming festive season! Tom volunteered the writing exercise, the challenge was to write a piece incorporating 3 Truths 1 Lie and 3 Lies 1 Truth. An interesting concept as ‘one man’s truth is another man’s lie – fact or fiction if the truth be told – no lie detectors in sight! Refreshed by a warm steaming cup of hot chocolate the readings commenced with a beautiful topical, atmospheric poem called November which Val had written and had published. Tom moved us on to the warmth of the Gambia with an excerpt from his current novel and Joyce took us back in history with her writing of her perspective of Mary Unsworth’s husband from Sweet Charity. Debbie had us on the edge of our seats with a thrilling piece of writing ‘ Son of Mine’ followed by  Bill with ‘The Calling’ continuing the dark theme we were gripped.  To end the evening on a lighter note Debbie soothed us with a nursery rhyme written for her friend’s baby naming leaving a warm smile on everyone’s face.  I ask myself where else could I enjoy such diversity and entertainment on a Monday evening – roll on the next meeting in December!  First Monday in the month at the Blue Cap, Sandiway for any first timers out there – you don’t know what you’re missing. A big thank you to Steph in advance of her putting this blog on to the website…I’m no techno but I guess I’m now a blogger who’d have thought it – is that the wind I’m hearing or a sigh of relief!

Christine Edwards