The First Post

I don’t know why I am expending so much mental effort on this post.  Yes, it is the very first post on a blog set up for a writers’ group and therefore it ought to be erudite and it should ideally have some literary merit.  But the sun is shining outside, and really this first post is just an experiment by the person who has ended up trying to set the damned thing up although he understands nothing about these blog things.

And so if you are reading this, please prepare to be disappointed.  Move on quickly.  Leave this page or move on to one of the real and worthwhile posts which will hopefully follow this one soon.

And now I am going to take my copy of ‘Under the Red Umbrella’ outside with a cool refreshing drink and leave the set-up of this blog until later.  Thanks for not reading this far.

Bill Webster

Neophyte Blog Builder

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